“Across Love”

My new project, “Across Love” will focus on a variety of aspects of love.   All of the songs are intended to be uplifting.  Some are very deep.   Some are lighthearted.   The styles of music will range significantly and will include:  Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, Folk, & Celtic.   A number of the musicians who worked with me on “Across Time” have agreed to provide tracks for this project as well.   In addition, I will be working with several other new acquaintances who are remarkably accomplished.   Justin has agreed to provide most of the vocals for the project, although I will also include some other vocalists on a few songs.  The project will include 17 original songs, of which 6 are co-writes:

  • 3 co-writes with Justin Pokrywka, the vocalist
  • 1 co-write with Shelby Eicher, formerly fiddle player for Roy Clark and on Hee Haw (syndicated television show)
  • 1 co-write with Mark Mazengarb of Loren and Mark, and
  • 1 co-write with my son, Gamaliel Baer

Here’s a sample of one of the songs:  “Don’t Ever Doubt That You Are Loved”, Featuring Justin on vocals, Mark Mazengarb on rhythm and lead guitar, Brad Albin on bass, and John McTigue on drums.

                         “Don’t Ever Doubt That You Are Loved” (C) Laurence Baer

I can’t wait to hear the finished CD!  I sure hope you share my enthusiasm.  

If you do, I hope you will:

  1. Visit my Kickstarter page and consider making a pledge (even small donations help generate momentum):   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1589038068/across-love-laurence-baers-3rd-cd-project

And/or  🙂

  1. Post the above link on your facebook or other social media pages, and share it with any friends whom you think might appreciate world class, original, uplifting, acoustic music.

You can be a patron to some great and timely music!

Very sincerely,

Laurence Baer
Grammy Nominated Songwriter